Located at Mas Paz Shop is an ancient mesquite tree estimated to be between 700-800 years old. In 2010, the Arizona Community Tree Council evaluated the tree and deemed it an official “Great Tree” of Arizona and supplied a certificate to officiate this title.

Mesquite trees are one of the popular local desert fauna and for centuries has supplied, with its beans, “coffee” for those scarce with traditional grounds and “feed” to stock needing of nourishment. When in bloom, local honey is beautifully influenced by its presence and strong full trunks and arms cast needed shade during hot months.

This particular Great Tree can be honored by your love and care. The area has been prepared for meditation, yoga and seating, so you can enjoy its powerful presence. Image what this tree has witnessed over 700 years or so.

Much is needed with its care so any contributions will be of immense help.

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