Courtyard Galleries

Courtyard Galleries is a brilliant and creative space flourishing on our main street. (HWY60) Ten years ago, artist Bonita Powell bought this old non-operating motel, dating from the 30-40’s, and brought it to life with her creativity and with local artists collaboration. A lot of love has gone into this place and you can find art, vintage goods, collectibles and Bonita’s well known “outdoor art”.

Come and join us for our Holloween celebration!

2 thoughts on “Courtyard Galleries

  1. Great place to shop and browse. Have bought many items there including the chairs from their “wine dining” area.
    Danny B
    Downtown Yuma Az
    The Complete Lower Sonoran Curmudgeon

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    1. Danny, It is always a pleasure to see you and thank you for many years of your patronage.
      Courtyard Galleries and Mas Paz shop dig your vibe!! Thank you for your comment.


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