Good clean living is what comes to mind of a untainted image of desert rural living. Our Sonoran Desert is a pristine example of a flourishing ecosystem with desirable attributes to support the natural wildlife and for the lives of our local residents. Wenden, where I live, is nestled in the Mc Mullen Valley (part of the Sonoran Desert) and the residents, many forth or fifth generation, expect to call this place home for the rest of their lives and with hope for generations to come. 

I am an ASU graduate student with a degree in Urban Planning. My goal after I graduated was to put my education to work for my town and help it flourish with creative ideas, planning and development. Now that I don’t have tons of homework to do, I was able to put together this website to showcase my love, and others love for Wenden. This website will encourage people to visit our town, enjoy its unique character and spend some money at the small businesses. There is a large emphasis on the arts since they have helped contributed to the towns artistic curb appeal.

Many customers pull into my shop, Mas Paz, and say, “I felt such good vibes, I just had to pull over”. So hence, my tag line…In need of some seriously “Good Vibes”? Explore Wenden.

Please follow wendenaz.com to keep up-to-date with events, new photos and general feel good stuff that celebrates Wenden and its “Good Vibes”! THANK YOU.

De Vona Saiter