Good clean living is what comes to mind of a untainted image of desert rural living. On the surface, the Sonoran Desert is a pristine example of a flourishing ecosystem with desirable attributes to the life that calls this rugged yet lush terrain home. Wenden, where I live, is nestled in the Mc Mullen Valley (part of the Sonoran Desert) and the residents, many of forth or fifth generation, expect to call this place home for the rest of their lives and for generations to come. Unfortunately, our ecological footprint (human taking and leaving) is compromising our beautiful desert, its natural resources; such as water supply, and our communities health. This blog will shed light on community concerns about the environment, education, local resources, tips and triumphs!


“We love our life here and want to help our community stay informed with local issues, improvements, important meetings to attend and general knowledge on how to live the best life possible in WENDEN! Please share this blog with others and help us create pride and stewardship within our town and the world.” – Gary Saiter