WENDEN CEMETERY…a place of rest and a place to see.

Flowers at Wenden Cemetery

Wenden Cemetery…wander peacefully.

Wenden Cemetery is a place of rest for our loved ones and for some, distant ancestors. Graves sites date in to the 1800’s and many are simple wood crosses bearing no name. Not many people know this, but Wenden Cemetery is a “pauper’s” cemetery meaning that local residents can be buried here for no cost to the plot. What makes this place so extra special is that people have adorned and honored the deceased with creative decorations and resourceful materials. (scroll down for more info)

The cemetery sits on a nice rise that takes in beautiful desert views of the mountains and the sky. Cactus Kelly park is next to it and offers paths to wander and take in the fresh air.

Take a moment and visit Wenden Cemetery and respectfully stroll and take in its unique beauty.

Any questions about burial and ways to help with the upkeep, please contact Wenden Domestic Water Improvement District at 928.859.3881 Please also notify the department of any ceremonies or celebrations. Respectfully, after any occasion, please remove all your trash from the grounds and help keep the cemetery beautiful.

The Cemetery is located at: 

Lat: 33° 49′ 08″N, Lon: 113° 31′ 57″W
T8N R12W Sec 32
To reach the cemetery, drive east of Wenden on US Hwy 60 (the main street in Wenden) and turn south on Wenden Hillside Dr. (a dirt road) and proceed several hundred yards to the cemetery.

The link below will provide criteria for burial and the application. 


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