Vandalism at Wenden’s Pioneer Park

Wenden is experiencing a revitalization through entrepreneurship and creative souls like me that love where we live. Unfortunately, a soulless person or persons decided to destroy the wonderful artwork installed at Pioneer Park.

The beautiful artwork was an excellent example of the power of community spirit. The countless hours of local artists, kids and partnered supporters is reflected now in thousands of pieces and is disheartening to see.

Many of you know that I was a crime scene investigator for nine years, and my spidey senses tells me that this was a deliberate act full of rage by an individual(s) based on the damage and not the work of kids reacting to summer time boredom. Please share this news and hopefully we can find out the person(s) responsible for this deplorable act.  A report was filed with La Paz County Sheriff.

Luckily, Wenden and friends of Wenden, are resilient and we will pull together and reimagine the creative and beautiful space once again.  -De Vona Saiter


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