Wenden Water Trailer



As many of you are aware, your water department is building an arsenic removal filtration
system. This system is being paid for by USDA/RDA grants and is expected to be completed
in June of this year.
The fluoride levels in our water have been successfully resolved; the only remaining issue
with Wenden’s water is that over the past year, arsenic levels have tested slightly over the
state mandated maximums. The maximum is .01 parts per million and our water has
averaged over the past year at .011. While this has not created a public hazard, it could
cause concern for some of our residents who are very young or elderly.
Because of this concern, your Water Department is making available to all Wenden
residents an alternate source of drinking water. This alternate source is being made
available from a water trailer which contains water obtained from the Salome water
department. (pictured above)
Please refer to the public notice below for instructions on how to access the water.

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