Vandalism at Wenden Water

wwd.jpgIt was discovered on the morning of September 21st that sometime during the evening or early morning someone climbed the fence of the Wenden Water plant.  They put water in the supply of diesel kept on the premises to supply the backhoe.  They also put water in the tank of the backhoe, opened the chlorine storage locker and used a key to unlock the access cover for the ladder to the top of the water storage tank.  This was discovered when the backhoe was taken out to repair a leak in the system.

The backhoe was repaired and the diesel tank was purged.  New locks have been installed to help prevent another occurrence.  A police report was filed with the La Paz County Sheriff’s Department and additional patrols were requested for evenings.

The Board is now investigating the installation of a camera security system to protect the grounds.

If you see any suspicious activity around the water plant please call 911 to report what you see and call the Water Department at 928-859-3991.  If it is after hours you will be given an emergency number to call.  This is your water department so please do what you can to help us protect it.

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